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The Story of It's Phawesome


It's Phawesome is an online fashion store.

My passion for fashion and unique accessories has always been my thing.  I always knew that it wasn't about the amount of clothes you had,  It was the different accessories that made the outfit different. During my senior year in 2004, I was determined to own a boutique once I graduated high school.  Back then I loved to draw clothing designs. Well, life put those dreams on hold. I became a young mother of two amazing kids and fast forward years later came my struggles with Domestic violence, Cancer and tons of other things.  I am blessed to be here.  And I have recently come to realize that it's never too late to strive for your dreams.  I wanted to show my children that entrepreneurship and following your dreams is the only way to complete self gratification. So after radiation treatments were over, I decided to take this dream of mine seriously. I struggled with the name for a while and then I decided to mix some of my favorite things together to get the perfect name. 4 is my favorite number, so I decided to go with one of my favorite movies and fashion brands of the year 2004.  If you're a "Mean Girls" movie fan you remember the word "fugly" being used in the movie (meaning f**king ugly).  I liked the fact that it was a clean way of cursing without sounding so vulgar.  I am not fond of the letter "F" (Lol I know how weird. But I do have favorite/non-favorite letters) and I remembered my favorite fashion brand "Baby Phat" (hence the PH used in Phat).  And that's what birthed the name "It's Phawesome" (meaning It's F**cking Awessome).  All of my accessories are just that.  I strive to give you a unique, and fun image. This is not just an online is a community where we will come together as a fashion forward family.  I will blog and have my forums available to all with interesting topics (not just about fashion).  This is my second chance at life and I will make it count. 

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